Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cool Feature: LED Lit Bathroom Mirrors

Corleona Vanity Set
Mirrors featuring LED lighting are becoming increasingly popular. Not only is an LED lit mirror stylish, but it also has some other really great benefits as well.

1. Provides additional lighting to make tasks such as shaving or applying makeup easier
Evo Vanity Set
2. Evironmentaly friendly. LED lighting does not use gas or heated filaments, unlike incandesent bulbs which can produce a lot of heat and may contain traces or Mercury. Thus, making this style of lighting a much safer choice.
Essence Vanity Set
3. LED lighting won't make a humming noise like many older lighted mirrors do.

4. Highly efficient light source that provides more lumens per watt than the traditional light bulb. This means less power usage to use the same job and can actually lower your electricity bill.
Avallino Vanity Set
5. Offers an ambient atmostphere and has a longer life expectancy than a regular bulb.

The Interior Gallery has several Modern Bathroom Vanity Sets which feature LED lighting, take a look and find the perfect set for your bathroom!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Decorating Your Home in Neo-Classical Style

Sylvie Luxury Sofa Set
Are you someone who has a hard time deciding between timeless classics or more contemporary pieces when it comes to buying furniture? Don't worry, you don't have to settle for one or the other. The style you are searching for is called "Neo-Classical". Neo meaning: New, and Classical meaning: Old. Here we will dicuss a few design principles you can use to acheive this look in your home.

  • Look for pieces with traditional silhouette while at the same time feature a modern twist.
  • Use an updated color palette including, crisp whites, silvers, golds, and incoroporate rich hues of greens, purples, blues, or reds. Remember, you are looking for high intensity as opposed to dated dull or washed out looking pieces. 
  • Pick items and accessories that have a high contrast to create interest
  • Don't be afraid mix woods with metals
  • Keep and balanced mix of color and neutrals
  • Search for hand carved pieces that will giving the feel of an "over-the-top" old world quality
  • Evoke drama by including drop chandeliers, vases, or urns
  • Patterns used in the room can include geometric, floral, scroll, or other classic motifs that may even portay a hint of mythology.

Decorating in a Neo-Classical style can be a lot of fun because there are no rules to follow. Create a style that is uniquely YOU. Take your inspiration from traditional styled rooms you enjoy and then brainstorm a few ways of how you would add a modern twist to that look.

Feel free to share with us some of your ideas!

Get started by browsing our collection of Neo-Classical Furniture by The Interior Gallery.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TREND ALERT: Black & White Bathrooms in 2012

Crio Vanity Set
A top, emerging trend for 2012 modern bathrooms is the sleek look of a black & white. If you want to decorate your bathroom with this hot, new look, remember that simplicity is key. If black and white seems to boring to you, adding pops of the same color throughout can add a little spice to the bland palette. Just as the yin meshes with the yang, the flow should be seamless. This look can make your bathroom look like a million bucks with little effort. The Interior Gallery has been ahead of the curve when it comes to this trendy idea, below are a few of our products to give you a little inspiration before you to begin your next bathroom project!
Soiree V Vanity Set
Satri II Pedestal Sink

Luzano II Bathtub

Delfina Vanity Set

Primavera III Vanity Set
Davoli II Pedestal Sink

Paris II Vanity Set

Moda Vanity Set

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Find Your Bathroom Decorating Style

If you are someone who finds it hard to identify your decorating style, you are not alone; take this simple quiz that may help you discover which style fits your personality best.

1. Which colors do you enjoy the most?

a. solid colors, bold colors
b. softer, muted colors
c. deep rich color and hues

2. What would you say best fits your decorating philosophy?

a. less is more
b. cozy
c. formal is best

3. My dream house resembles:

a. an urban loft overlooking a city skyline
b. a stunning condo with in a hip metropolitan neighborhood
c. a beautiful manor with a prefectly manicured lawn

4. The places you like to shop tend to be:

a. uncluttered stores that will supply the latest trends
b. specialty stores with a wide range of choices
c. tried and true department stores

5. I want to paint my walls:

a. with an eye-catching accent wall
b. cream or off-white, I prefer that my decorative pieces make the most statement
c. a jewel tone such as burgundy

If you answered mostly A's, then your style is Modern. You are not afraid of color and you enjoy the look of clean lines and uncluttered rooms. You are considered to be minimalistic and like open spaces. Click here to view The Interior Gallery's modern line of bathroom vanities.
Torrazza Modern Bathroom Vanity Set
If you answered mostly B's, then your style is Transitional. You are likely to be somewhat eclectic. You like a mix of the old classics with an updated twist. Click here to take a look at The Interior Gallery's transitional bathroom vanites.
Decima Transitional Bathroom Vanity

If you answered mostly C's, then your style is Traditional. You love the formality associated with this classic style. You like richly colored fabrics in silks and brocades, You like ornate designs and old world charm. Click here to see The Interior Gallery's antique-style bathroom vanities.
Madison Traditional Vanity Set
As you can see, The Interior Gallery has a a selection that will match anyone's decorating style.
Browse through our entire site to see what could be the perfect match for your living space, the design options are endless!

The Interior Gallery

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Creating the Perfect Room

Emma Sofa Set
A great majority of home owners simply push the bulk of their furniture against the walls in an attempt to maximize space.  But on the contrary, it can actually minimize a room’s functionality and lessen aesthetic beauty. Whether you just want a change in your current home, or you have just purchased a new house, these simple tips on furniture placement, proper lighting, and adding room accessories can ensure your room will be both comfortable and functional.

Functionality & Practicality

We agree that it is important to make your room beautiful and visually appealing, but in the same point, having your room meet practical and functional needs should be a top priority.  This way you can enjoy the look of your room and still be comfortable in it's presence at the same time. Take into consideration things like how you will spend your time in the space and also how you would like the flow of traffic to move through the room. Examples of this would be: In a living room setting, will you primarily be watching television, or entertaining? Keep in mind entry points, as well as closets or windows you will need access as well. Be sure to note the functionality of your furniture, maybe it could be used for multiple purposes? For example, a futon will also double as a bed for overnight guest, or a chest of drawers might make a perfect TV stand, in addition to adding usable storage space.

Arranging the Furniture

Its best to start your layout with the most used and largest furniture pieces, such as, a sofa, bed or dining table. A good idea is to sketch out a bird’s eye of the room and try furniture options before placement. After you have these pieces properly positioned, you can then experiment with smaller furniture pieces. Remember you can achieve “cozy” without cramming pieces too closely together. Avoid leaving any vacant areas or holes across the room. Try a seating arrangements that face each other, this will make the space feel more intimate and encourage conversation. A general rule is to leave at least 3 feet of space between coffee tables, sofas, and spaces that you will frequently walk around. If you think you like the furniture arrangement so far, give yourself and your family a few days to get used to it.  This will give you a chance to correct any error in the room’s layout.

Choose Your Lighting

A lot of people don’t realize how greatly lighting affects a room’s mood and comfort. Floor lamps and table lamps can soften the room and give you the option to lessen overhead light or even brighten a room. Don’t forget that you will want to have different levels of lighting at different times of the day or night, as well as for different activities and functions.  Same as with the furniture arrangement, give it a few days to make sure that you haven’t forgot any dark corners or reading spots. Having a balanced room also means having balanced lighting too.

Adding the Finishing Touches

Even if you have done the all of the above tips, you might still feel as though the room is lacking. Accent pieces will help make your room look complete. This is the step where your creativity can flow and you can show off your family’s personality and lifestyle. Try incorporating items from family vacations or pieces that will show hobbies or activities your family enjoys doing together. Make the room unique to your individual styles. Add pops of color if your room has a neutral color scheme with things like wall art, rugs, and sculptures. Simple tricks like using mirrors can make small rooms looks larger. In this step be sure to fill any visual holes left throughout the room. This will make your room have a that “finished” look.

Whether your style is modern, traditional, eclectic, or transitional, The Interior Gallery is sure to have beautiful, quality furniture pieces, and décor that your family is sure to love and can enjoy for years to come.

Click here to view The Interior Gallery's collection of furniture and home décor.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

10 Ways to Make Taking a Bath Even More Relaxing

Bellagio Solid Surface Bathtub
 The world we live in today can be fast-paced and keep most of us busier than we’d like to be. The idea of slowing down for a few moments to enjoy a simple bath time - time out can do wonders. Here are 10 ideas we think you should try get the most out of this precious time.

1.       Setting the Mood with Music – Getting the full benefit from using this idea doesn’t mean you must rush out and to buy the latest copy of “Sounds of Nature” or “The Forest Meditation Collection”. Choose whatever music relaxes you and makes you feel good. So long as it isn’t cranked up to the highest decibel your stereo plays, it should do the trick.

2.       The Essence of Aromatherapy – Essential oils and bath scents can be subconsciously calming. Lavender is the most common aromatherapy scent used to diffuse tension and anger and soothe the “uptight” soul. Jasmine is also a great choice, it has a deep scent that is known to prevent mental blockage, nervousness, and sadness. Chamomile is also another scent that is excellent for calming. From Italy, this oil has a powerful sedating effect. Chamomile can not only calm, but also reduce pain and stress.  Simple to try, just add a few drops here and there and prepare to unwind from the hectic day at last!

3.       “Let There Be Light”...but just a little. – Candlelight softens shadows and warms the room.  Take a few minutes before climbing in to light a few candles. The flickering flame is sure to set a tranquil mood. As a safer alternative try a flame-less, wick-less, or LED light candle to get the same effect. Take it up a notch and turn the overhead lights off. You may even consider installing a dimmer switch in your bathroom.

4.       Warm Up You Bathroom – Not only does a warm room help regulate your bath water longer, it will also keep the dream alive once you step out from your tub. Try a space heater for those chilly winter nights. Another easy solution is to simply cover your cold tile with soft plush rugs. Rugs can be an added treat for your tired feet.

5.       Bathtub Pillow – If the rim of your bathtub isn’t quite as comfortable as you would like, invest in a soft bathtub pillow. These come in a variety of styles: inflatable, terry cloth, and even memory foam. The Interior Gallery also has two beautiful bathtub models available with a head rest already built in! Click here to view our bathtub selction. If a bathtub pillow isn’t readily available, a folded up towel can do the trick.

6.       Bubble Baths for Grown –Ups – Bubbles can lighten the mood and bring you back to some old child hood memories. Its hard to take things too seriously when you set back reminisce on the joys of being a kid.

7.       Don’t Neglect your 5th Sense – Have your favorite relaxing drink ready when you get out of your bath. Avoid caffeinated or drinks with high sugar content because they can snap you right out of the tranquil state you’ve just achieved. Try a hot cocoa or a soothing cup of tea. Not into tea? Try a decaf cup of coffee as another option.

8.       Have a Little Face Time – Pick a facial mask that can withstand the heat and steam from your bath so that its wont trickle down your face and neck. Try formulas that are made from a paste or gel. This will reinvigorate your mind, body, and face in one fell swoop. Facial masks can also eliminate some of the visual signs stress can cause such as dull skin, uneven tone, and puffiness. Try a mask that has a cooling effect; the juxtaposition to the hot water can be an invigorating combination.

9.       Tie Up Loose Ends – If you are someone with medium to long hair be sure and take a moment to pin your hair up. Wet hair sticking to your neck or back can really be a harsh distraction to the “Ahhhh” factor.

10.   Have Your Towels Handy – Sadly your bath has come to an end, and its time to dry off.  Don’t leave out our last tip when bringing this wonderful ritual to a close. Investing in some thick, plush, terry cloth is worth the expense. No one wants to get out of that blissful bath just try dry off with a sandpaper towel. Prolong the experience with a luxurious robe to lounge in and enjoy your favorite, above mentioned, drink.  A towel warmer rack is also a great idea.

Now lay back, relax, and ENJOY!
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Modern Toilets for the Modern Family

Calabria Modern Toilet and Bidet
These days there is a lot more to choosing a toilet than just price and style.  Some things to consider are water conservation, function, size, shape, and cleanliness.  The purpose of this article is to help you in making your decision of which toilet is best for you and your family.

Low-Flow Toilets

Most modern toilets on the market in the U.S. today have 6 gallon tanks, required by law for water conservation. In order to meet the criteria as a “low-flow” toilet they must not use any more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This makes your choice for a modern toilet much more eco-friendly as well. Older toilets use a much less, “greener”, rate of 3.5 gallons per flush.

The Interior Gallery is taking that feature one step further with providing all of their toilets with a dual flush mechanism. Using a half flush as opposed to a full flush cuts down your water usage by half! Equaling out to a .8 gallon flush and also possibly cutting down your water bill too! The button style flushes will make flushing your toilet effortless!

All of The Interior Gallery's toilets are gravity fed toilets. That means that the weight of the water eliminates waste through the S-Trap plumbing with the help of the siphonic pressure the toilet creates as it empties the bowl.  This is opposed to a pressure assisted toilet which results in a much louder flush.

Small vs. Large

This decision should be based on the size of your bathroom space as well taking into consideration the size of the people who will be frequently using the toilets. Generally, a standard toilet size is around 15 inches from the tank to the end of the toilet. Other than that, the only variations to consider are seat size and height. This can make all the difference when it comes to comfort level.

Round, Oblong, or Squared?

If comfort plays a big part in making your decision, the shape of the seat becomes a very important factor.  Round toilets are usually the best choice when space saving is key.  Oblong seats may offer the most comfort, because they are less likely to cut off circulation to the legs. And lastly, square seats will give you a more unique and eye catching look since they are further from the classic old-style toilet design. The Interior Gallery toilets feature a soft close toilet seat as well. Gone are the days of hearing that toilet seat slam when closing.

Easy Clean Toilets

Easy clean does not mean self cleaning, but The Interior Gallery's toilets have a ceramic glaze with creates a non-stick surface for germs and grime. This can lengthen the stretch of time between cleaning. It is also helpful to keep the bowl cleaner by making the waste flush more seamlessly.

Unique Functions

Bidets do not perform the same function as a toilet, but still fall under the same category. Purchasing a matching bidet will provide an extra level of cleanliness and beauty to your bathroom retreat. These are especially popular in Europe and wealthy households. The Interior Gallery makes it affordable for you to have this luxury in your own home.

Be sure to check out our extensive Modern Toilet and Bidet designs on our website. You are sure to find a perfect modern match for your modern family! Click here to browse our modern toilets. Click here to browse our modern bidets.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions (214)614-8176. You can also come by our showroom and see our beautiful Toilet and Bidet sets in person! Showroom hours are Monday thru Friday 9am - 6pm and Saturdays 10am - 6 pm and we are located at 410 Central Expressway S. in Allen, TX 75013.